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Innovative magnet products for vinyl film applications

Magnets are the perfect tools for aligning digital prints and car wrap vinyls. Yellotools supplies bespoke magnetic products such as mounting magnets, magnet pads and magnet chains. With the self-adhesive GeckoPatch pads, our magnets can even be used on non-magnetic surfaces such as glass!

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Car wrapping made easy with mounting magnets and magnet chains

We offer mounting magnets for advanced car wrapping applications, such as the SpeedMag HD and Gene-ius Mag HD with matching protective pads for use on sensitive high-gloss films.

When applying films to larger surfaces such as doors, hoods and side panels, we recommend the JoniMag Strip and APE MagCarpet: These application aids feature multiple magnets that provide a larger adhesive surface. And the flexible BlackMamba magnetic chain also serves as a cutting aid for curved shapes along the vehicle body!

Apply vinyl graphics quick and easy with adhesive magnet pads

Every move counts: To avoid unnecessary motions and stress when handling films and tools, we offer the ideal solution with our GeckoPatches. These self-adhesive pads with metal front plates can be placed anywhere on glass surfaces and car bodies to hold the film in place with mounting magnets.

Yellotools GeckoPatches also allow for magnetic tools such as our WrapSticks or the TonnyMag Basic magnetic squeegee to be placed within easy reach. And if more adhesive force is required, the best choice will be to use the BigMag HD and the GeckoPatch Power with their thicker metal plate.

Reduce processing time when applying labels or complete wraps and optimize your workflow with our magnetic solutions - working with Yellotools saves you time and money!

Yellotools - Innovation for sign makers and vinyl installers

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