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Specialty tools for signmaking applications

Yellotools products help sign makers around the world to cut perfect circles in films, create equally spaced edge cuts and apply graphics to glass surfaces. Through intensive communication with our customers, we regularly get input and feedback to develop and offer the best tools for sign making and car wrapping.

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Perfect results with specialty signmaker tools by Yellotools

For cutting perfect circular shapes from plotter films or automotive films, we offer the handy EasyOrbit Rondo and the SensorCut Orbit, a circle cutters with a variable adjustment range from 5 mm to 150 mm in diemater. This makes it possible, for example, to cut pieces of film for parking sensors to a precise shape.

The YelloSlipCut offers two functions as an alignment aid and edge cutter when producing signs of all kinds, and the ingenious APE Corner Tool is fast becoming an indispensable tool for corner applications when wrapping furniture.

Decaling windows and using magnets on glass surfaces

A unique feature among our special tools is the self-adhesive cutting ruler IvoCut X-treme: It sticks firmly to glass surfaces and still can be removed without any difficulties.

Mounting magnets such as the SpeedMag HD can also be used on glass with the GeckoPatches, for example to align digital prints. And with the GlasPad X-treme, even hinge applications on glass panes are not a problem. With Yellotools products, you can quickly create your ideal workflow and complete more jobs in the same time! 

Yellotools - Innovation for sign making and car wrapping!

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