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Templates and stencils for signmaking applications

With Yellotools, signmakers work faster and more efficiently: The annoying "double measuring" of drill holes has finally come to an end with the Hole n' Cut drill hole template ;-) And our contour and cutting templates are "tailor-made" tool solutions for car wrapping and furniture wrapping that make work much easier! 

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With the right template, cutting films becomes a matter of seconds

Be it templates for radii, straight lines or drill holes, Yellotools supplies the right shape for every contour. The EdgeWrap Cutter, for example, is used to cleanly wrap edges and corners of furniture. For all angles and straight lines, the innovative IvoCut series serves as the ideal signmaking stencils.

The EvoCut BUR radius stencil is the multi-tool among the cutting stencils: it makes designing and cutting all radii encountered in signmaking much more easy. For even and odd radii, we recommend the EvoCut C or EvoCut R..

Of course, we have also put together a complete stencil set: The EvoCut Set includes all the standard shapes you need as a sign maker.

Discover our stencil assortment and order directly online from the manufacturer - with Yellotools cutting stencils your work will not only be simplified, but you will also save a lot of processing time and be able to complete significantly more orders on time!

Yellotools - Innovation for signmaking and car wrapping

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