Yellotools FloMeter | flexible measuring tape with multiple scales
Yellotools FloMeter Plain | flexible tape measure
Yellotools FloMeter Plain size comparison 60 cm and 195 cm
Yellotools FloMeter tape measure | size comparison 60 cm and 195 cm
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FloMeter Plain | flexible measuring tape with multiple scales 60 cm Plain

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A tape measure for all your needs: Measuring and aligning made easy!

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With the FloMeter by Yellotools, car wrappers and sign makers save a lot of time when measuring and aligning: Working with vehicles, signs and graphics becomes easy and fast with the FloMeter!

The FloMeter combines the scales of our YelloMeter product family on a single measuring tape. The multi-coloured print makes it easy to distinguish between the "regular" scale, the center finder function and the two scales for half values.

This tape measure is perfect for accurately positioning graphics on vehicles and shop windows. If, for example, a car wrap vinyl has to run along the center of an engine cover, the total width of the panel is first measured with the top scale of the FloMeter.
Then you can read off half the value on the orange scale. The tape measure is then repositioned at half the width using the lower scale (center finder). The red arrow now indicates the exact center of the panel and makes it easier to align the film.

The different scales of the FloMeter in overview:

  • "regular" scale (top) with the zero at the left end
  • "CenterZero" scale (bottom) with the zero in the middle of the scale and clearly visible indicator arrow
  • "MF" scale with orange (half measured value) and blue (half intermediate value) digits

Yellotools FloMeter scales

The FloMeter is made of high-quality polystyrene with multi-coloured printing. We currently offer the Plain and Gecko versions in lengths of 60 and 195 cm. The Gecko version features the Yellotools X-treme Mat on its back: with these adhesive mats, the tape measure sticks to smooth materials such as glass and metal - ideal for vertical film applications on shop windows and glass façades! 

Product features

  • measuring tape with multiple scales
  • easy measuring and reading
  • regular scale, starting from 0
  • half-value scale (orange)
  • intermediate half-value scale (blue)
  • center finder with indicator arrow
  • material: Polystyrene, optionally fitted with X-treme Mat
  • two lengths: 60 and 195 cm

From the initial idea to the finished product: Yellotools develops for and with our customers.

The idea for the FloMeter came from our long-time friend and customer Florian Knirsch, who offers a wide range of vinyl applications with his company Knirsch Beschriftungen. Naturally, Florian was therefore allowed to eternalise himself in our product range with the product name FloMeter ;-) We received additional feedback and suggestions from Martin Gerhardts, who also runs signforum24, and from Jani Korkiakangas of Arctosmedia in Finland. Many thanks to all of you for this great cooperation!

We are convinced that with so much professional know-how in development, the FloMeter will revolutionise the work of signmakers and car wrappers: No more headaches from calculating values, but quick and nerve-saving measurement and alignment for an optimal workflow.

Just try it out for yourself and experience the advantages of this unique measuring tape - we look forward to your feedback! 

Yellotools - Your innovative supplier for professionals in car wrapping and sign making!

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