Yellotools SmellGood ProWrap Peppermint scented squeegee
Yellotools SmellGood ProWrap Peppermint scented squeegee with packaging
Peppermint scented wrap with mint scent | Yellotools
Yellotools SmellGood ProWrap | scented squeegee with various fragrances

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SmellGood ProWrap | scented plastic squeegee Peppermint

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A world first from Yellotools: Scented squeegees in a class of their own

At Yellotools, we always have our eye on something special: a unique quality, a built-in additional function or an "add-on", i.e. something that has never been combined or developed before in this form. We pay attention to the problems and wishes of our customers and often develop solutions in cooperation with them, which we then call DBS products (Designed By Signmakers). In this context, we designed a very special squeegee series together with Wrap Institute founder Justin Pate...

For years, Justin had wanted a squeegee that didn't just smell like plastic, but made him want "more": moments of smiling, of calm, to recharge your batteries and to pause.

From now on, we offer these little moments of fragrance in the popular trapezoidal design of the ProWrap series:

SmellGood ProWrap is the first scented squeegee for signmakers and vehicle wrappers :-) It is made from a new type of polymer mixture with tree and plant fibres for long-lasting scent experiences.
The granules used are of course free of BPA and phthalates!

Range of aromas

  • Bubble Gum - sugary sweet like back in the 80s
  • Caramel Cupcake - an intense temptation
  • Coffee - for fragrant lovers
  • Peppermint - refreshing, stimulating, minty
  • Pina Colada - summer, sun, holiday feeling

With these aromas, work becomes a pleasure: The pleasant scents create a feeling of well-being and are particularly good as a scent dispenser in the car interior, e.g. after a complete wrapping - the surprise effect for the customer is guaranteed ;-)

The SmellGood ProWrap scented squeegee can also be put into the vents of a vacuum cleaner to dispense the desired scent in the house; or it can be placed in the hygienic mask overnight to get rid of the sterile smell. Just try it out for yourself - a scented tool is not available everywhere!

Note: As the basic material is a new recipe, there are unfortunately still limitations to the durometer of the final product. The currently available squeegees have a Shore hardness of 63 D. This corresponds approximately to the hardness of the golden ProWrap squeegees. Colour variations may occur!

Yellotools - Innovation for signmaking and car wrapping

The YouTube video was blocked due to your cookie settings.

The YouTube video was blocked due to your cookie settings.

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